Active Lines

Active Lines 1.5

Active Lines is a puzzle game in which you have to arrange balls by color

Active Lines is famous puzzle game. The game is easy to play. All you have to do is just moving balls arranging them in lines. But sometimes you have to think, what line to build and what ball to take. This game does not require fast reflexes, and will fascinate not only kids, but their parents as well.

Make up the lines with 5 or more balls of the same colour. Balls can move verticallyand horizontally, but not diagonally, and there must be a free path to their destination. To move a ball, first click on it. Then click again on the spotwhere you want to move the ball. Aligning five or more balls vertically, horizontally or diagonally will make them disappear and score some points. New balls appear after every move that does not complete the line. The balls that will appear in the next round are showed on the board in a small size.

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